Patio Installations & Repairs

Ulman Masonry serves home and business owners throughout the Appleton, WI area, providing patio installations and repairs. Our masonry services include brick and stone patios, walkways, steps, stoops, and outdoor fireplaces.

Whether you are interested in getting some pricing together for building an outdoor patio, or you are simply looking for ideas on what you can do in your yard, our experts can help. We will provide a customized patio layout prior to building your patio. Then, we'll build your dream stone or brick patio with the material of your choice!

Stone Patio Installation

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your patio area with a natural look? You may want to consider a stone patio installation. Our professional masons have years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing stone patios. Besides adding beauty, a new stone patio installation is a great investment since it helps to significantly increase the value of your home. Let's take a look at some popular stone patio types:

Stone Patio Installation Types

  • Bluestone Patios - as its name implies, bluestone is a natural stone that has a beautiful blueish-gray coloration. There are several different types of bluestone, including natural cleft, thermal, and irregular/flagstone.
  • Granite Pavers Patios - another favorite stone patio type is granite. If you like large, precisely-cut, geometric stones, then it may be worth investing in this more expensive stone type.
  • Cobblestone Patios - for a more natural look with rougher faces and irregularities, you may opt for the beauty of cobblestone. Great for edging and accents alike!
  • Fieldstone Patios - these are flat, heavy stones which provide a rustic, natural look for walkways, gardens, steps, and patios.

Give us a call and we'll discuss pricing with you and will work within your desired price range. No matter if you need a new stone patio installation, repair, or replacement job, we have the skills and tools necessary to handle any project!

Outdoor Brick Patio with Fireplace

Brick Patio Installation

Some homeowners opt for the look of brick. This stunning alternative comes in a variety of colors and styles. Find out what the hottest brick colors are for your home! Our brick patio installers can discuss your preferences for your brick patio design.

Let us help you build your dream brick patio! Give Ulman Masonry a call today if you have questions about our brick patio installation process.

Brick Patio Installation Types

  • Herringbone - for this pattern, the bricks are laid out at a 90 degree angle in a visually appealing zig-zag fashion
  • Pinwheel - this style involves precise brick-cutting skills, with one half brick in the center of four full-sized bricks, creating a geometric "pinwheel" look
  • Basketweave - one of the simplest styles, this involves laying two bricks side-by-side vertically, then two bricks side-by-side horizontally, creating the appealing look of a woven basket
  • Grid - this pattern consists of square sections of brick that are laid in a grid-like wooden (or other material) frame, usually in a basketweave or other classic pattern
  • Half-Basketweave - bricks are laid out with two horizontal bricks set alongside a single vertical brick, similar to the basic basketweave, but overall, a more complex pattern
  • Jack-on-Jack - the most simple, orderly, and geometric looking pattern, jack-on-jack is often used for wall construction. Bricks are set next to each other in perfectly aligned rows.
  • Running Bond - perhaps the most classic brick style, it is a standard brick wall style set in a 1-over-2, staggered fashion.
  • Whorled - this is a very complex, circular brick pattern that involves painstaking, precise cuts. This brick style is best for a professional mason to handle instead of DIYers.

Brick patios can laid out in many various patterns, giving your property an especially classy look. There are several patterns to choose from, so get creative! More information here about basic patterns for bricks and pavers.

Stone & Brick Patio Services

Patio Installation

Patio Installation

Patio Repair

Patio Repair

Patio Replacement

Patio Replacement

Our masons design each stone or brick patio with an eye for creativity and uniquely selected material. At Ulman Masonry, we focus on professional, reliable, and outstanding quality of masonry stonework and brickwork. Please give us a call at (920) 470-5501 to discuss your patio and receive a free quote!

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