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Looking for brick and stone step installation or repair services in the Appleton are? At Ulman Masonry, we have years of personal and professional experience installing, repairing, and replacing brick and stone steps and stoops. When you hire our team for your brick or stone step repair project, we will provide you an estimate before we start. Especially for older homes and properties, it's not uncommon to find that brick stone steps are in need of complete replacement or some repair work. To start, our stone and brick step installation experts will work the homeowner and provide the finest materials.

No matter if you're replacing your old stone steps, or planning a brand new installation of steps on your new home construction, our masonry design specialists have the knowledge and materials necessary to complete any masonry project. Contact us online or call us at (920) 470-5501 to get a quote!

Stone/Brick Step Repair & Installation

Stone/Brick Step Installations

Looking for a brand new installation? Our stone and brick step installation experts serve the Fox Valley. We take pride in making your patio and front or backyard brick stoops come to life! With decades of experience, you can rely on our team to help you with brand new step installations. Check out stone and brick step ideas here.

Step & Stoops Installation

Stone/Brick Step Repairs

Is your stone or brick stoop falling apart? An old step or stoop can be frustrating, and in some cases dangerous, for anyone using them. Contact a local mason in the Appleton area to provide stone or brick step repair services. If your steps or stoop has significant damage, it may be worth investing in a replacement.

Steps & Stoops Repair

Stone/Brick Step Replacements

Looking for a stone or brick step replacement? To perform the stoop replacement, our masons first assess the project, proceed with the demolition process, handle the framing for the stoop, add new sheeting to the stoop, rebuild the stoop form, pour concrete into the stoop, remove the forms, and lastly, lay the stone or brick.

Steps & Stoops Replacement

Stoop/Step Installation FAQs

To repair loose stone step, you will first use an epoxy adhesive. Many contractors find that a two-part epoxy adhesive works best for this particular type of repair. If you don't have epoxy adhesive, consider employing the chalk line technique. Next, utilize the drill and pin approach. Then, use brick bumpers and stone wedges, and then use an extra-strong cement adhesive to make a thick but pourable mixture. Now, implement wood wedges for stabilization. Replace any loose stones and then apply glue to secure the loose stones or bricks. Lastly, fill in the gaps by using grout.
To start, you'll want to prepare a foundation of A-gravel with a minimum thickness of 4" for each stone. Now, ensure the foundation is leveled by using ½ to 1" of bedding sand. When placing the stones, create a gentle forward slope to allow water to flow down the steps rather than pooling at the seams. This precaution helps prevent freezing and potential damage.
Begin by excavating the designated surface area where the steps will be built, making sure that there is a flat and level foundation. Next, carefully place the natural stone step slabs. Now, install the remaining steps in a bottom-to-top manner and fill any gaps by using mortar, gravel, or even remaining stacked stone. Secure the stones firmly in place. Lastly, enhance the aesthetics of your stone steps by adorning them with flowers, plants, or even an arch.
To secure a stone step, follow these steps: first, prepare the leveled foundation by excavating the area. Now, lay the stone step onto the base, ensuring it aligns properly. Next, apply adhesive or mortar to bond the step to the base. Press the step firmly, checking for levelness. Allow the adhesive or mortar to cure according to the manufacturer's instructions. Lastly, if necessary, consider additional supports for larger steps.
To lay stone steps on a slope, you should prepare the slope by clearing any debris and ensuring it is properly graded. Next, create a leveled base by excavating the area where each step will be placed. Then, lay a base of A-gravel, at least 4" thick, for each step. Level the base with bedding sand and then carefully position the stone steps, starting from the bottom and working upwards. When you do this, make sure that each step is securely placed, making necessary adjustments for proper alignment and levelness. Fill any gaps with gravel or mortar to provide better stability for your brick steps.
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